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This 56 pages colour brochure in English contain pertinent information on all Kiriacoulis’ bases in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. You will find valuable info on local weather, proposed itineraries, fleet choices and its equipment etc. It’s an excellent tool to plan you next vacation.

French version of the brochure describe above


Flotilla sailing in Greece. This 8 pages brochure, all in colour contain pertinent information on all the flotilla organized with Kiriacoulis. It describe 7 and 14 days proposed itineraries in the Athena region as well as the Sporades. There is departure all summer long.

Order your brochure(s) now so you can better plan your next sailing vacation. Produce by professional, the information contain are valuable and will greatly facilitate your choice of destination and boat. Order now, quantity are limited.

These brochures are free. Only the shipping and handling fee are required. Select your country and brochures you want to receive

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